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10 of the best techs for operating residential developments

Solutions for automated concierge, energy reduction, community engagement, maintenance and repairs, end of tenancy and more.



Allows developers and managing agents to quickly and cost effectively launch a branded app to enhance tenant acquisition and retention, experience, insight and service delivery. Your branded Padoq app will deliver outstanding user experience; exceptional functionality integrated across your entire business and existing systems; and continual leading-edge innovation, worry-free constant support. Your app will become the heart of your tenants’ experience and transformational to your own. Visit Padoq



Residents and tenants can chat with Porter, a multilingual AI assistant, by text or voice. Porter can qualify leads, take and chase rental payments, triage maintenance queries, plus anything else involved with living or working – in any space. Inbound activities from any channel are seamlessly and autonomously captured, identified and prioritized. New activities, such as arranging a supplier visit, can be added to a task with a single tap of a button, enabling property managers to promptly and easily take action. Visit AskPorter

Fixflo proptech software being used on tablet


Used to manage 1 million-plus units with the majority being residential properties. Fixflo’s primary feature is a picture-based repair reporting portal. This is where residents can self-manage the repair reporting process of issues in communal and personal spaces, anytime, anywhere. Early detection and detailed reporting of maintenance issues contribute to faster and cheaper fixes and can sometimes protect assets from irreversible damage. Fixflo can be customised so that issues such as blown light bulbs won’t be reported. Instead of waiting for a response from the housing team, residents will receive timely guidance on how to replace the light bulb safely. Visit Fixflo

Wondrwall Installed In Home

Wondrwall Energy

Residential developers can differentiate their builds and refurbs to attract tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious buyers and tenants with Wondrwall Energy. Our simple to install intelligent light switches become the heart of each home. Each with 13 in-built sensors that measure temperature, humidity, power, motion, luminosity and sound creating a sensory network of over 100 sensors throughout the home that monitor habitational patterns, as well as each home’s overall efficiency and performance. Developers get access to an IoT platform which can accurately monitor the energy performance of their portfolio, increase desirability and shorten time-scales. Visit Wondrwall



Self-viewing platform that speeds up the lettings process, by cutting time wasted organising agents, landlords, viewers’ availability. Vetting and offers are all done through a single app as well, streamlining the whole process. It’s also a much safer way of conducting viewings given the current climate. Visit CubicLease

Guru Hub II

Guru Systems

A mobile and web app that enables developers to verify the performance of their heat network against industry standards in up to 90% less time. And keep a record of this verification so they can hold their supply chain to account. Guru Systems also makes software that helps heat network managers to improve the efficiency of their networks. Visit Guru Systems



Manage change of tenancy notifications to council, water and energy in one go, via your personalised online portal. Earn commission for each property switched to Helpthemove’s  preferred energy supplier. Free service that removes unwanted admin and allows teams to concentrate on other more productive tasks. Visit Helpthemove

Mallcomm Mobile


Mallcomm improves the tenant’s living experience by offering streamlined services and benefits at their fingertips. The mobile platform gives tenants access to efficient communications and maintenance requesting channels which save both tenant and owner time. Meanwhile the possibility of including exclusive resident discounts and community building campaigns, such as events and groups, provides tenants with benefits which will add value and contribute towards tenant retention. Visit Mallcomm

Spaciable Logo Space


Spaciable provides a digital concierge for a residential customer journey, from reservation to completion and beyond. It holds plot-specific information, such as fixtures and finishes, and a document library with bespoke written content. Provides troubleshooting features, including FAQs, How To articles, a defect reporting tool and key contacts, which allow the homeowner to self-serve. They can also explore: a guide to the nearest local amenities, exclusive quotes for domestic services and products, and a digital canvas for planning room layouts. There is also the option to integrate videos, providing developers with further instructional or marketing opportunities. Visit Spaciable

Locale Resi Deal


Locale is a digital property management solution which links buildings with the people and spaces they share. The app can be made completely bespoke for the specific building’s needs, ensuring efficient performance and sustainable communities. Facilities include: smart home tech; Doordeck integration; operational solutions for running properties more efficiently: key handling, parcel collection, virtual helpdesk, announcements, document storage; services to improve the occupier experience: offers & promos. Visit Locale

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