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#WORKBOLD podcast ep6: Axa’s James Goldsmith

At 62 floors, 22 Bishopsgate has excited market watchers with the promise of 1.25m sq ft of business space that works day and night. James Goldsmith, head of leasing for AXA Investment Managers, sits down with Bold founder, Caleb Parker, to explain his vision for creating a community and breeding successful companies.

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Presenter Caleb Parker with guest James Goldsmith

Questions answered in episode

  1. How do you think talent expectations have changed corporate real estate strategies?
  2. What percentage of your building is dedicated to space-as-a-service?
  3. What drove your thinking when allocating so much of your building to space-as-a-service?
  4. Why didn’t you operate this space yourself rather than partnering with the likes of Convene?
  5. Lease v joint venture and management agreements: What sort of deals are you doing?
  6. How do you think deals will be structured in future?
  7. Do you see the lease model being replaced by partnerships with operators?

Value bombs

  1. It’s not just the real estate, it’s how you create the right managed environment
  2. Shared purpose, collaboration and adaptability were the themes we wanted to create for the space
  3. Value. There are very convenient ways of creating money, actually, do we just need to turn it around and see if we get the product right, if we get the environment right, and we can encourage the right behaviours and the right businesses in there, then the money will flow from it
  4. The way we measure value is less about the rents we achieve and the length of the leases, and more about the success of the occupiers
  5. If you have a building with a reputation for breeding successful occupiers then that building will always be in demand – which means you are always going to have value.

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About James Goldsmith

James has worked on some of London’s most progressive schemes, including Apple’s first UK flagship in Regent Street, Television Centre, Central Saint Giles and The Shard. He maintains a strong belief in market research and how broader social and economic issues influence occupier needs and objectives. During his 25-year career in Central London, James has executed many high-profile and award-winning transactions as both an adviser and a principal; operating within the leasing, asset management and development markets. Before joining AXA Real Assets in 2016, he held senior positions at Deloitte, Jones Lang LaSalle and CBRE and is a real estate graduate of the University of Reading.

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