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#WORKBOLD podcast ep5:  Matt Filkin of Almacantar

This is how commercial real estate can shift from product to service

The story of the world’s largest coworking building

Matt Filkin, chief operating officer for London-based property investment company Almacantar, joins Bold Founder Caleb Parker, and shares his views on why landlords should challenge the status quo to provide the services people want from buildings today. He goes on to explain how partnering with experienced operator brands can work well and have a positive impact on building valuations.

About Matt Filkin

A lawyer by background, Filkin has extensive experience in the real estate sector. He has broad transactional expertise, having negotiated as both principal and adviser on property and debt transactions totaling over £7bn. As chief operating officer he is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business, driving efficiency and implementing operating policies and strategies across Almacantar and its projects.

Questions answered in this episode

  • What does space-as-a-service mean to you as a landlord?
  • How does Almacantar plan for space-as-service in your developments?
  • Is there a formula for allocating space-as-a-service in an asset?
  • How do you see space-as-a-service affecting building valuation?
  • What are the right economics for partnerships between landlords and operator?

Value bombs

  • Demand for space-as-a-service is not slowing down. Real estate needs to catch up
  • Customers don’t want the hassle of operating property. They want their employees to be productive
  • “We will always contemplate space-as-a-service in our buildings”
  • Valuers need to consider the income that’s being generated by space-as-a-service footprints, and value that footprint separately than the rest of the building
  • It’s important to align the right operating brand with the customer experience you want to deliver in a building


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