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FUTURE: PropTech founder Gary Chimwa has launched a new venture, the Mentorshiphub, which aims to help founders across the tech landscape, and especially those from underrepresented groups in society, access business contacts and get a helping hand at the start of their journey.

Joining Chimwa and host Paul Unger are James Morris-Manuel, EMEA managing director of Matterport, the 3D virtual tours provider to real estate, one of Gary’s first mentors, and Qadira Harris, senior director of Matterport for Good, who started in post in December.


  • MentorshipHub is aimed at democratising access to contacts for underrepresented groups
  • Mentor companies gain value from mentoring by helping them to be more innovative, and testing themselves against tech creators
  • Reverse mentorship enables mentees to teach mentors about digital skills
  • Misconceptions: diversity is not part of the entire company; there’s one thing that will make the difference, it’s really a million little things
  • Working from home: diversity has become the default and companies can hire from anywhere, which opens up options for accessing skills and employment
  • Business leaders are realising how they did business in the past 10 years is not going to be how they do business in the next 10 years. Diversity is a big part of that
  • The act of asking ‘who is not in the room’ is important. Being deliberate and intentional about taking diversity forwards

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