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PODCAST | Bruntwood Works + Studiotech

Andrew Cooke, strategic director, Bruntwood Works, and Ed Vickery, director of Studiotech, join Paul Unger to talk about smart buildings and the rise of tech in offices.


Why Bruntwood Works uses proptech

Solves a recognised problem – By interrogating analytical information, gathering feedback via the customer experience team or speaking to operational teams we can identify problems which impact experience, operational efficiency and commercial performance.

Improved user experience (UX) – We should be constantly striving to improve UX across the estate and while this doesn’t always mean we need to turn to technology we can make great progress by improving our existing systems through integration and data collected via analytics or customer feedback. Our aim is to use technology to create a frictionless experience for our customers.

Improves operational efficiency (OE) – Technology can provide insights on the performance of assets or facilities, this can result in operational efficiencies of staff who work and maintain our buildings. Technology improves inventory management and asset optimisation, reducing wastage and energy consumption.

Providing insight – Technology will generate data, this can be crunched and interpreted to provide intelligence and insights. Using sensors, cameras and other data points, collecting analytical data from digital systems can all help us get to know customers better and aid customer intimacy.

111 Piccadilly Reception Dec 21

Studiotech illuminated three sides of the iconic 111 Piccadilly in Manchester with a 200ft innovative sustainable lighting installation – a gateway beacon for the city. The lighting concept incorporated LEDs throughout and will be powered by sustainable energy via photovoltaics. The photovoltaics will also support the power generation for the ground floor of the building.

Bruntwood Works hopes the light art installation can help create a feeling of community and keep this urban area’s residents energised and inspired. The light art also supports mental wellbeing. In the current climate, people might be feeling isolated through a loss of social connections and Bruntwood Works wants to encourage conversation and bring people together through art and design – in person or online via social media.

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