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PODCAST | Allison English, Leesman

Employee experience can rarely have been so under the spotlight as right now. Leesman is the expert, after more than a decade spent regularly gathering data from hundreds of thousands of respondents at companies large and small around the globe.

In this episode Allison English, deputy CEO, joins PlaceTech editor Paul Unger to discuss Leesman’s findings from the past year, for those working at home as well as in the office, and make some forecasts for where working life is headed.

What we learned in this episode

London-based Leesman was given a heads-up in January 2020 by a client in Singapore about Covid-19 and what was coming in terms of restrictions and working from home

By the end of March 2020 Leesman had launched a home working questionnaire to go with its longstanding office version, tracking numerous characteristics of employee comfort and productivity

Allison English is not convinced the office will morph into a clubhouse for collaboration because people’s days and workloads are not scheduled in neat blocks of hours of collaboration with no emails to write

A standout element in high performing workplaces is the variety of working styles they foster

Quality of office environment will be important to not only attract employees back into the workplace but also to retain staff in the global war for talent

Acoustics has emerged as a vital factor for office design, after employees found the home more comfortable for making and taking sensitive calls

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