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LISTEN | How to eliminate security risks in smart buildings

John Archer, solutions director at Backbone Connect, joins Karl Tomusk to talk about solving the problem of cybersecurity in smart buildings.

Sustainability and efficiency are two reasons why demand for building sensors and software are on the rise. But the more connected a building is, the more vulnerable it can be to cybersecurity breaches.

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Questions asked in this episode:

  • What are the biggest risks in operating smart buildings?
  • Does the risk rise as you install more tools and sensors?
  • Who should be responsible for dealing with cybersecurity breaches?
  • What are some easy wins that could make smart buildings less vulnerable to attacks?
  • How will security concerns and threats change in the coming years?

About Backbone Connect

Backbone Connect provides digital infrastructure for commercial property assets and long-term IT support for tenants, helping landlords to differentiate their buildings and occupiers to work efficiently.

It supports workplaces across the UK, working with a variety of asset owners, asset managers, leasing agents and tenant businesses from startups to multinational organisations.

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