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LISTEN | How digital twins solve ESG challenges

Rohan Bulchandani, founder of global real estate tech provider Retransform, and Daniel Schreiner, head of technical property management and ESG at Heimstaden, discuss digital twin technology and what it can do for real estate’s net zero ambitions.

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Key takeaways:

  • By monitoring what goes on in buildings and automatically responding to problems, digital twins can help landlords tackle some of the low-hanging fruit in sustainable management, including energy performance and air quality.
  • With greater control over everything from temperature to ambience, landlords can also create a better experience for occupiers – potentially increasing rental yields.
  • In countries like Germany, the amount of data that a landlord can collect varies significantly between commercial and residential assets due to strict data privacy regulations.
  • The industry’s focus should be on improving existing buildings: it’s easy enough to put tech into new buildings, but cutting emissions will require extensive refurbishments.
  • Are digital twins financially worth the investment? Bulchandani reckons the energy savings by themselves pay for the technology.

About Retransform

Retransform provides business management, technology and analytics solutions to the real estate industry. For over two decades, the company has honed its expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to commercial, residential, retail and corporate occupier clients.

Retransform Secure is a new product, which tracks real-time occupancy and monitors ambience, water, waste, carbon emissions and energy consumption all under one dashboard. With a key focus on data analytics, digital twin and ESG, Secure captures, collates and manages extensive and diverse information and delivers it in an easy-to-use format.

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