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Wondrwall installs 500 homes with smart switches in three months

Mark Lufkin Wondrwall LandscapeAfter four years of development, the Wondrwall intelligent full-home automation system started shipping from its factory in Poland in November last year. Chief commercial officer, Mark Lufkin, gave PlaceTech a quick trading update.

Wondrwall is being steadily rolled out to our property developer customers and as of the time of writing, we have upwards of 500 residential units installed and growing steadily.  The 2019 pipeline is more than 17,300 homes.

Watkin Jones is installing the Wondrwall system in all its homes at Bollin Meadow in Macclesfield. One of the first housebuilders to decide to install Wondrwall as standard in their homes, the initial feedback from the new home owners has been very positive and they are enjoying the benefits of the Wondrwall intelligent system.

Kier Living at Elburton in Devon is another site now installing Wondrwall, where it is being offered as an optional upgrade.

Avant Homes, one of the fastest growing housebuilders in the UK, has set itself a target to be a more advanced and innovative developer. Avant has installed Wondrwall at its Portlands site near Worksop.

Wondrwall automatically controls heating, lighting, security, safety and music in the home and adds Amazon Alexa voice technology throughout. Wondrwall monitors the habitation patterns of the occupants and the environmental performance of the home and uses AI and machine learning to automatically control the functions of the home.

To give an idea of how this works, say you leave home at 8am every morning to go to work, the Wondrwall home will learn this. It will also learn that your home will maintain the ideal temperature for 30 minutes and automatically turn off the heating at 7.30am to maximise energy savings without compromising comfort.

The core of Wondrwall is our own light switch that houses 13 different sensors including motion, temperature, humidity, luminosity, power. By replacing all the standard light switches in the home, we create a network of 150 sensors that monitor how the home is being used and how it performs.

Wondrwall Interior

It is one thing to hear how Wondrwall functions but quite understandably we have found that people want to see it working before purchasing and installing and with this in mind we have been working hard to get Wondrwall installed in multiple new sites and homes across the UK with the number growing quickly. We started by adding a show home in Dalston Square, London to the one we have in Wilmslow, south Manchester in October last year where potential partners and house builders are now able to view in action without the need to travel to Manchester and we are seeing a lot of interest.

At both Kier and Avant, Wondrwall integration with Sonos is also being demonstrated using Sonos ONE speakers for better sound quality than from the Wondrwall light switches.

Wondrwall has entered in to an agreement to resell and offer Sonos speakers as part of a Wondrwall configuration and customers can purchase Sonos speakers direct from Wondrwall effective immediately.

The Home Group has a live research project to build a village from scratch using a mix of traditional and modular homes, energy efficient and smart technologies and test their ongoing performance at their Innovation Village in Gateshead. At the end of the project, they’ll be able to see how well different modern methods of construction have performed, how they help build a community, how they integrate with smart technology and energy efficient heating systems; in other words, what housing of the future should look like.

Configurations vary depending on the size of house and what sort of heating system is installed but as a guideline, a three-bedroom home with eight light switches, a thermostat, alarm siren and two key fobs will retail at £1,300 which gives full home automation covering heating, lighting, home security, enhanced safety features, music playback and Amazon Alexa.

We have a strong pipeline of new installations planned with new house builders and sites over the coming weeks. We will also be launching the Wondrwall Insurance offer that couples tightly to our home automation product in April. With other projects in the pipeline, 2019 is looking to be a fantastic year for Wondrwall.

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