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VIDEO + GALLERY: How office designer TSK is delivering hybrid space

Flutter X TSK (Feature) from TSK on Vimeo.

People might have had enough of listening to theories about the future of work but how many real-life examples of projects delivered in the hybrid era have they actually seen yet? Take a look at the new 136,000 sq ft office in Leeds, UK for global sports betting group Flutter.

Features of the space

  • Digitally enabled meeting rooms on each floor with video conferencing and AV equipment
  • Mobile furniture and fittings encourage the team’s own space management and set-up to suit them
  • Bi-fold doors and writable walls for ad hoc sessions to be organised at a moment’s notice
  • Unpluggable tables ensure new teams can be brought together for project-dependent situations
  • Range of spaces shaped for both independent and collaborative work, including workbenches, quiet pods, sit/stand desks, digitally-enabled meeting spaces and separate ‘zen zones’ for relaxation
  • More than 20% of the office is dedicated to non-working areas for socialising, relaxing and recreation “to encourage a ‘one-team dynamic’ and connect people on a deeper level”.

Check out TSK’s thoughts about workplace design and some useful resources.


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