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Shedkm designs affordable modular housing for Ideal

Liverpool-based manufacturer Ideal Modular Homes has launched a range of affordable homes starting at £82,000 designed by shedkm architects.

OURhome can be fabricated in just four days and is aimed at local authorities and private developers. Both sets are under pressure from the UK government to meet affordable housing needs quickly, without compromising on sustainability and design.

The first order has been made by a housing association and is expected on site in the new year.

Luke Barnes, founder and CEO of Ideal Modular Homes, said: “shedkm’s vast experience in the residential sector has enabled us to combine intelligent, exciting architecture with futuristic manufacturing, to deliver on our founding principle of beautiful high-quality sustainable homes for all.”

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He added: “Precision machinery ensures that no waste is created in the production of OURhome homes and once completed, properties are accurate to a tolerance of just 1mm. Every home is certified by BOPAS (Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme) to the maximum standard and comes complete with a 10-year warranty, just like any other new home. From small schemes to developments offering hundreds of new homes, this is the most effective way of delivering new homes.”

Designs can be clad in many materials from brick to timber to metal sheet, there are multiple roof shapes and windows from which to choose, and entrance doors can be placed on different sides of the homes, meaning that varied streets can be created that echo existing British streetscapes. This means that the OURhome product range is flexible enough to fit into existing communities, or create new ones from scratch.

OURhome properties will be spacious and light with large windows, generous-sized rooms and high-quality interior finishes. All homes meet national and London space standards, are accessible for disabled living and can also be specially adapted for later life living or to meet specific medical needs. Ideal Modular Homes can also work with local authorities and private developers to develop material or design options bespoke to their needs.

Barnes said a continuous process of quality control at all stages ensures that homes are manufactured to exacting standards, have superior air tightness, better insulation and greater thermal values. As a result, an OURhome property will keep costs down, cutting annual expenditure on energy bills by 50%.

Ideal has capacity to produce 2,000 homes a year from its factories in Liverpool and Leeds.

Ideal Shedkm

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