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Sensor supplier latest to join JLL Marketplace

JLL’s e-commerce platform, where clients get the chance to buy from approved suppliers at discounted rates, has welcomed Scandinavian internet of things manufacturer Disruptive Technologies.

As remote monitoring and management of buildings grows in importance across the property industry, JLL Marketplace will now resell sensors that report on metrics from windows left open to the temperature of equipment.

The initiative, which is global but mainly used in the US, was launched by JLL in 2015 and now has more than three million products from thousands of suppliers in its range, including Office Depot, Staples, paper towel maker Georgia-Pacific and paint supplier Sherwin Williams.

Jon Stevens, president of JLL Marketplace, said: “JLL Marketplace is performing better than anticipated since its initial launch in 2015. JLL Marketplace makes buying for real estate simple and smarter by delivering immediate savings and providing the data needed to properly run a commercial property.”

Stevens continued: “We believe that marketplaces are a crucial part of how business commerce will transform many industries. JLL Technologies is committed to investing in JLL Marketplace to grow new content, launch new offerings and operate on a global scale.”

Disruptive Technologies offers a simple and secure sensor solution that delivers useful insights to customers, enabling more sustainable, safe, and efficient operations. Tiny, non-invasive, and easy to use sensors can be placed virtually anywhere and offer a battery life that exceeds what exists in the market today—lasting up to 15 years.

Bengt Johannes Lundberg, chief executive officer of Disruptive Technologies, added: “Sensor technology holds great potential to help commercial real estate improve operations and experiences, reduce its environmental footprint, and ensure a safer return to the office amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

“Our global agreement with JLL will increase the accessibility of our wireless sensors, which will help turn any building into a smart and sustainable building – in minutes.”

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JLL has been at the forefront of using Disruptive Technologies sensors to reduce engineering labour costs for over two years through JLL’s Integral UK division in multiple segments. JLL and Disruptive Technologies also share the vision of delivering new and innovative workplace services through sensor technology and advanced analytics. JLL has implemented over 3,000 Disruptive Technologies sensors globally to effectively cost and operations monitor environmental conditions and to validate completion of enhanced COVID-19 cleaning protocols.

“With smart sensors, facilities management and office managers will have access to data to detect and diagnose issues in all buildings, no matter their location,” said Michael Ewert, global head of data and business intelligence solutions at JLL Technologies.

“Not only does real-time data alert users before problems occur, but it also enables safe re-entry to the workplace. Real-time data will help companies restore trust in employees and meet new safety standards brought on during the pandemic, such as increased HVAC functionality, space occupancy guidelines, smart cleaning protocols, and more.”

One case to demonstrate value: JLL deployed 100 Disruptive Technologies sensors to track the performance of standalone air conditioning equipment in a large manufacturing plant setting. These sensors eliminated more than five hours per week previously required to check equipment operations by manual inspection and provided the JLL facility engineering team access to real-time temperature and humidity data when abnormal operations are identified, resulting in 60% of labor savings for JLL. This solution was especially important to maintaining a productive work environment where high temperatures were complicated by the additional requirement for employees to wear COVID-19 personal protective equipment.

“By bringing Disruptive Technologies to the JLL Marketplace, our clients now have access to a highly configurable sensor platform to help drive more efficient building operations and enable safer work environments,” said Jon Stevens. “This agreement expands on our IoT offerings, providing scalable solutions with real-world insights to address our clients’ most pressing business challenges.”

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