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Russian proptech VC launches

The Trinfico Investment Group together with PropTech Russia have agreed to create a venture capital company, called Proton Capital, aimed at attracting investments in technologies that ensure the innovative development of the real estate sector in Russia.

The first Proton Capital fund will be 3 billion rubles, around $40m, and bring together influential Russian and foreign development and investment companies.

The partners claim this is the first industry-specific venture investment fund for proptech in Russia.

“Innovation brings unique user experiences to everyday life. These incredible changes not only make our life better, but also bring new sources of marginality to the market, already comparable to traditional instruments, and undoubtedly capable of showing faster growth in the future. As one of the largest players in the real estate investment market, our company considers it timely to create a venture investment player with a focus on innovative technologies,”says Stanislav Zhukov, managing director of Trinfico.

Roman Evstratov, general director of PropTech Russia, notes the importance of innovation in real estate: “The total value of real estate in the world exceeds $280tn. Innovation serving the world’s largest asset class is now attracting the attention of engineers, investors, and managers. We see the global market for proptech innovations growing rapidly, attracting over $ 75bn over the past decade. Russian tech startups in our industry are demonstrating competitiveness on the global stage. Our goal is to promote the growth and scaling of technology start-ups in the real estate industry in Russia, as well as to create favorable conditions for interaction of Russian companies with foreign technology initiatives. ”

According to Ivan Nokhrin, managing partner of Proton Capital, the creation of a specialised venture player in Russia is timely and necessary: ​​“As the technology industry moves closer to the real estate market, the role of a central player is in demand, ensuring effective strategic interaction between participants. We see a powerful synergy effect from bringing together the leaders of the real estate industry who gain access to new technologies that improve their business. For proptech entrepreneurs, founders of startups, Proton Capital simplifies access to corporations, while creating an opportunity for technology integration and partnership between fund portfolio companies.”

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