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Property backs COP26 debate

Developers, lawyers, engineers and planners are among the first wave of property professionals to join Place North West and PlaceTech’s COP26 podcast series highlighting low carbon activity in the sector in the run-up to the UN’s global climate change summit.

Now only four months away, the summit will gather the countries of the world to set the action plan for limiting Earth’s temperature rise.

The companies to join the podcast series so far include:

  • Bruntwood Works
  • Civic Engineers
  • ForHousing
  • LUC
  • MEES Solutions
  • Pegasus Group
  • SI Sealy

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In each episode, guests will share actionable insights and essential evidence-based advice drawing on lessons learned from their work moving towards net-zero carbon.

In November, the UK is due to host the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow. During the lead-in to the conference Place North West and PlaceTech will bring built environment professionals together around the subject of climate change. The property community faces a significant upskilling challenge to understand and implement the changes needed to hit carbon reduction targets.

Get involved in the Place COP26 Podcast series

Do you want to speak to our readers? Do you have a head of sustainability? Are you able to get your message out clearly about what your company is doing to save the planet? For just £1,500+VAT Place will chair, record, edit and publish your podcast to our readers.

COP26 is due to take place from 1 to 12 November. COP stands for ‘conference of the parties’. The UN has brought countries together to discuss climate for nearly three decades. This year’s is the 26th such gathering.

The Paris Agreement, when every country agreed to aim at limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, took place in 2015 at COP21.

The commitments agreed to in Paris did not come close to limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees and the window for achieving that is closing. This year’s event will see countries update their plans for reducing emissions.

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