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Pro2 Lite – Matterport’s most affordable camera to date

Offering exactly the same 3D walkthrough, video and 2D photography functions as the established Pro2 version. The only difference, price aside, is the Pro2 Lite’s shorter battery life: four hours compared with eight to 10, which the firm says is ideal for scanning smaller properties.

At £2,195, this new piece of kit is a cheaper alternative — the Pro2 costs £3,295 —  for agents and other users to capture 3D and virtual reality, potentially even making property transactions more efficient.

It also offers the 3D “dollhouse” perspective, so users can see a whole property — its scale and layout — at once.

Matterport Dollhouse

Users can scan up to 8,000 sqft of space on one charge, and Matterport says there was market demand for a ‘lite’ version at a lower up-front cost, adding the camera caters for businesses new to the technology, as well as those needing fewer captures.

Matterport CEO, Bill Brown, said: “3D capture is becoming the baseline for property marketing, communication and collaboration.

“The Pro2 Lite will help fuel that momentum and support our mission to democratise 3D technology. By making Matterport technology more affordable and therefore more accessible, our customers have the tools to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive industry.”

The Pro2 Lite release comes less than a year after the media technology company announced it had enabled its scans to be published on Google Street View and had rolled out significantly faster capture capabilities: allowing for, Matterport says, both the 3D immersive experience, as well as 2D photos, to be captured in less time than it would have previously taken to capture the latter.

The Pro2 Lite ships in March and can be pre-ordered now.

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