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Caleb Parker, left, talks with Antony Slumbers in the first #WorkBold podcast

PODCAST | Introducing the #WorkBold space-as-a-service series

What is the Trillion Dollar Hashtag? A brave new flexible world featuring Antony Slumbers

In the first episode of a new series of podcast, Caleb Parker founder of Bold, chats to leading property tech commentator Antony Slumbers, about transformation, technology, and innovation.

Slumbers travels the world speaking on space-as-a-service and consulting on new changes in technology, micro and macro-economics and changing customer expectations in commercial real estate.


Takeaways from this episode

  • Businesses don’t want an office, they want a productive workforce.
  • #SpaceAsAService is now rapidly moving into the mainstream. The confusion of a chicken and pig. What’s the difference between the chicken and the pig in a bacon and egg sandwich? The chicken is involved but the pig is committed. Knowing who you are as a landlord is vital with #SpaceAsAService
  • Successful networks win because they become a safe, comfortable and painless solution to a need. And they grow exponentially; from no-one knowing anything about them to suddenly being known by everyone. But once established their value grows exponentially as well. People are tribal, we like to belong. Only pigs will build #SpaceAsAService networks we want to belong to.
  • But there will be many winners in a #SpaceAsAService world, chickens as well as pigs.
  • Mostly, real estate companies are optimised for being product/rent collector companies. As they should be. That is what has worked for several decades. Build or buy an asset, lease it, keep it or sell it. And many are very good at that; the concern is that many will forget what they are, and think their slick machine will work in a different world. It won’t.
  • The days of coming into the office 5 days a week is terminal.

About the guest

Antony Slumbers has been a software development and technology strategist in commercial real estate since 1995. Now, he consults and works with corporate real estate boards on transformation, technology, and innovation.

  • Slumbers speaks internationally on space as a service, AI, innovation, and the future of work and the workplace
  • He also has a No 1 ranked non-US commercial real estate blog
  • Sits on the advisory board of tenant engagement leader Equiem
  • Is a member of the leadership board of CRETech
  • And a mentor at MetaProp RE200
  • And on the ULI Europe Technology and Real Estate Council


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