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Since 2016, Spaceflow has expanded to 14 countries, with a strong focus on Scandinavia. Credit: Spaceflow


NREP picks Spaceflow to power tenant engagement

The Nordic real estate investor said Spaceflow will “build a digital bridge” between customers and buildings in its residential business, Juli Living, in Denmark.

The goal of the collaboration is to digitise how residents interact with Juli Living, bringing a self-service approach to daily building tasks and optimising customer-facing operations.

Using Spaceflow, the customer service team will be able to share general and location-specific information and address any demands or requests they receive.

Having started with a pilot project in Denmark in 2021, the collaboration will continue with the launch of the white label Spaceflow app at NREP’s UN17 Village in Copenhagen and other developments rolling out from 2023 onwards.

Since its founding in 2016, Spaceflow has expanded to 14 countries with a particular focus on Denmark and Scandinavia in general.

NREP said it would use the app to drive climate action with residents by, for example, sharing energy-saving tips and monetising energy consumption.

The company, which has €18bn in assets under management, has been a strong proponent of sustainability in real estate.

Among its commitments is its pledge to be carbon neutral by 2028 without offsets. Initiatives to reach that point include using geothermal heating and creating the first 100% upcycled concrete building.

Morten Meincke Nielsen from the strategy and development team at NREP said: “We believe that through the comprehensive product launch with Spaceflow, we will be able to boost our customers’ awareness towards sustainability.

“Through the app, we will enable customer connectivity, social interactions, accessibility to local partnerships, quick access to key property info and much more.”

Lukas Balik, CEO of Spaceflow, said: “The Danish property community is heavily focused on innovation and sustainability. NREP is at the forefront of some of the greatest efforts being made for that purpose.

“The continuation of this established co-operation between NREP and Spaceflow will bring inspiration to the transformation of real estate from a space-to-rent business to a space-as-a-service business.”

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