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New York finds solution to landlords’ EV woes

Finding space for electric vehicle charging has long been a hurdle for the built environment.

Cities have struggled to provide fast charging options in small indoor spaces, but growing use of EVs – alongside commitments to support sustainable technology – has put greater pressure on developers and landlords to provide necessary infrastructure.

In New York, one startup has begun working with landlords to install what it believes is the solution to that problem.

EV startup Gravity announced last week its first “true fast charging” site in Manhattan’s 42nd Street alongside plans to scale up to dozens of public parking garages across the city.

The technology aims to compete with Tesla’s V3 Superchargers by offering fast charging speeds to all EV owners.

Designed to adapt to small spaces in city centres, Gravity’s solution involves installing infrastructure for three charging speeds:

  • True fast charging: a full charge in minutes with equipment capable of 180Kw of power or more
  • Intermediate charging: charge in 1-3 hours using 24-30Kw equipment for drivers who are in the area for meetings, for dinner or the theatre
  • Slow charging: charge overnight or in 6-8 hours using 11Kw equipment for residents using overnight, full day-time or long-term parking

The startup, whose first site will open at Related Companies’ Manhattan Plaza this autumn, will deploy the charging hardware, cables, cable management, authentication and payment processing and user interfaces in its locations.

Gravity said this is the first in a series of partnerships with major commercial and residential owners. Having analysed space and power constraints in parking garages throughout the city, the startup has put together a portfolio of designs for retrofits across New York’s five boroughs.

Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of Gravity, said: “This is a technological leap for big cities like New York that have struggled to meet demand for charging in space-constrained indoor garages.

“For every EV driver who has experienced false advertising, lacklustre charging speeds or inaccessible locations, we’re here to revolutionise your experience. Tesla has set the bar with its V3 Superchargers. Gravity aims to surpass that experience for all EVs, and to bring it to the heart of densely populated cities.”

Jeff Brodsky, vice president of Related Companies, said: “Related is a champion of environmentally conscious design, construction and operation in real estate and remains devoted to reducing the environmental footprint at our properties.

“We are proud to be part of this monumental moment in offering sustainable, true fast charging in Mahattan through Gravity and its unique innovation.”

Meanwhile, in the UK…

Bruntwood is in the middle of a year-long EV trial, rolling out 12 charging points across Greater Manchester.

When the company first announced the trial, energy manager Craig Morley said the property industry is “central” to the push towards net zero and that EVs will be one of the key drivers of sustainability.

Bruntwood is working with Pilot Group, a Manchester-based tech company that makes smart EV charging points, using its Plus+ chargers.

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