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Ministers pledge innovative Built Environment Sector Deal


Chloe Vaughan

The UK government said a new Built Environment Sector Deal, will have among its core objectives “improving the sector’s productivity through improved access to data and the promotion of proptech.”

Consultation on the deal was opened this week by MPs Kit Malthouse and Andrew Stephenson in an open letter to BESD champion Bill Hughes, head of real assets at Legal + General. In the letter, the government outlined its plans to bring together people from development, investment, supply chain and innovation.

Bill Hughes, in his role as chair of the Property Industry Alliance, commented: “We welcome the opportunity to begin formal negotiations for this Built Environment Sector Deal to enhance the significant role we play in supporting jobs, businesses and quality of life across the UK.

“This negotiation provides a new framework for our sector’s relationship with Government, with commitments from all partners that will drive innovation, productivity and social mobility, to ensure our sector reaches its full potential and the UK remains a world-class location to live and work.”

BESD follows the July 2018 Construction Sector Deal which was labelled as a “bytes and mortar revolution” by the government. The CSD was devised to transform construction through “innovative technologies to increase productivity and build new homes quicker with less disruption.”

The government have said while the BESD negotiations will “refine and finalise offers and asks of both government and the sector”, it will maintain the core objectives of:

  • Delivering more homes and improving housing quality for example through initiatives that support offsite construction
  • Improving the sector’s productivity through improved access to data and the promotion of proptech
  • Enabling the sector to diversify its workforce through dedicated skills and employment strategies, as well as diversifying its firm base and increasing competitiveness
  • Promoting clean growth and supporting the sector’s transition to low carbon

The government also confirmed that it will continue its engagement strategy to make sure the BESD works for everywhere in the UK.

In their letter, Malthouse, minister of housing, communities and local government, and Stephenson, minister for business and industry, said: “The built environment sector is crucial to the UK economy, employing over two million people and generating around 7% of the country’s GDP, as well as delivering great places to live and work.”

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