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Hubli gives its enterprise customers access to the world's largest inventory of on-demand meeting spaces

Meetingsbooker launches hybrid working brand Hubli

Tapping into the rise of hybrid working, Meetingsbooker has launched a new platform in an expansion of its enterprise services.

Hubli gives customers access to 185,000 on-demand meeting spaces alongside a group stays and workspace reservations platform.

The platform was created to give organisations the ability to effectively manage how teams connect in-person for work “without sacrificing safety and control”, Meetingsbooker said.

Hybrid working has given rise to the dual challenges of catering to employee needs and maintaining corporate responsibility for safety, compliance and sustainability. Hubli seeks to help organisations strike that balance while keeping employees connected regardless of where they work.

Ciaran Delaney, CEO and founder of Meetingsbooker, said: “Hubli is every organisation’s secret weapon to retain and attract the best talent. Record numbers of employees are leaving roles, while according to the Microsoft Workplace Index a staggering 65% crave in-person connections with colleagues. The future of work is home, HQ and Hubli. Employees can access 185,000 spaces on-demand with in-built controls on spend, safety and sustainability”

The company said it will continue to operate their platform, to service their venue supplier partners around the globe and to manage direct B2C bookings as a result of their dominant position on Google.

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