Blandine Laffargue + Philippe Boyer
Blandine Laffargue and Philippe Boyer explore how to find value in tech solutions

LISTEN | Covivio’s Philippe Boyer talks to Blandine Laffargue

Innovation director Philippe Boyer is responsible for the tech solutions in a portfolio worth €27bn across France, Germany and Italy, specialising in offices, hospitality and residential. He spoke to Paris-based journalist Blandine Laffargue to get behind the buzzwords in corporate real estate.

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In this episode

  • Covivio launched its coworking offer, Wellio, in 2018
  • Tech cannot solve all problems
  • Covivio is working with 50 proptech companies, on air quality, mobility and more
  • Value lies in the comfort and happiness of clients
  • Partners include Octopus Lab and Witco
  • Covivio has experimented with meetings in the metaverse but is not investing yet
  • Data volumes can be overwhelming. Decentralising decision-making and access to data is key to overcoming that as an organisation

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