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Chase Garbarino, CEO and co-founder of HqO, said the partnership seeks to 'revolutionise' how people use the office

JLL doubles down on HqO investment


Karl Tomusk

The real estate services firm has chosen HqO as its preferred provider for workplace experience.

Having previously invested in HqO through JLL Spark in 2018, JLL has solidified its support through a strategic corporate investment that sees HqO become one of the latest additions to JLL’s proptech ecosystem.

JLL’s experience management group will use HqO to offer workplace experience to tenants through an app, providing data and feedback to landlords to make better decisions and drive tenant engagement.

The company called HqO a “must-have product” for landlords seeking to retain and attract tenants, highlighting the need for office owners to add value to their space in an era of hybrid working.

In a sign of burgeoning demand in the sector, HqO, one of the largest tenant experience platforms in the US, announced its acquisition of European competitor Office App in October to create a $500m global business.

The product consists of an app, an analytics suite, hybrid work tools and a flex space management system.

Jay Koster, president of investor services at JLL, said: “JLL has committed to being an industry leader in technology, which includes creating strategic alignments with firms like HqO.

“Through this strategic alignment, we have been able to work in lockstep with HqO to help customise the user experience to fit the evolving needs of the industry during this crucial inflection point.”

Chase Garbarino, CEO and co-founder of HqO, said: “JLL has been a leader in the industry by operating at the intersection of technology, property management and experience strategy.

“This aligns perfectly with how we at HqO serve our customers. As the preferred service provider for workplace experience, we are excited to deepen our relationship with JLL and deliver our joint clients a complete end-to-end workplace experience that truly revolutionises the way people value the office.”


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