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JLL buys Skyline AI for ‘beyond human’ insight

The global advisor plans to use the startup’s machine learning software to crunch large sets of property data, enabling clients to “better predict future property values” and “identify promising investment opportunities”.

Tel Aviv-based Skyline AI uses “proprietary machine learning models to gain a competitive advantage in the origination and analysis of real estate opportunities.”

JLL, an investor in Skyline since 2018, said in a statement: “One of the largest challenges in commercial real estate is the abundance of fragmented data. Skyline AI uses unique data sets, AI and machine learning algorithms to process data quickly and drive actionable insights for real estate experts.”

Richard Bloxam, CEO of Global Capital Markets, JLL. “When you combine the intelligence of the best advisors on the ground with a quantitative expert team and AI data analysis, you get insights that are beyond human and create a competitive edge for JLL and our clients.”

JLL will incorporate Skyline AI technology and proprietary data into its products so JLL clients can better make critical business decisions, such as when to raise rent, renovate or sell.

Skyline Data

Skyline data tracks deals over decades

Skyline AI was founded in 2017 by serial technology entrepreneurs Guy Zipori, Amir Leitersdorf, Iri Amirav and Or Hiltch, who have a proven track record of building, scaling and selling technology companies.

“This acquisition demonstrates the value and synergies of JLL Spark, as we invest in innovative proptech companies and leverage the resources of JLL to accelerate their growth,” said Yishai Lerner, co-CEO, JLL Technologies, a business division of JLL dedicated to CRE technology. “Our teams consist of knowledgeable real estate experts and world-class technologists who successfully bring new AI offerings like Skyline AI into the fold and provide the best insights to our clients, accelerating JLL’s leadership in CRE technology.”

Skyline AI’s platform uses proprietary AI/ML models to process data from more than 300 data sources and tracking 10,000 attributes such as owner information, property characteristics, demographics, historical transactions and debt for 400,000 multifamily properties across the US. Over time, Skyline AI’s platform identifies discrepancies and determines which information is most accurate to help investors maximise their investment and leasing opportunities.

“JLL provides the perfect platform to realise our vision of transforming CRE using AI,” said Guy Zipori, co-founder and CEO, Skyline AI. “Skyline AI has worked closely with JLL as an investor since 2018. The next natural step is to become part of JLL, a multi-billion-dollar global company that sees the transformative power of the Skyline AI platform.”

JP Morgan advised Skyline AI.

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