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How innDex is bringing efficiency to site

innDex is a construction technology company, founded in 2018 by George Smithies and Aaron Vousden. The business is UK based with its head office in North Wales and second home in London. The company mission is to digitise the construction industry. Smithies and Vousden are both civil engineers and have worked on construction sites for several years before setting up innDex. The company was started due to frustration with the lack of digitisation and automation in the construction industry. Both founders are passionate about construction and modernising the industry through the adoption of technology and new ways of working.

innDex is unusual when compared to other tech start-ups in the property and construction space. It has been supported for the last 12 months by the NatWest fintech accelerator, where Smithies and Vousden sat alongside investment bankers trying their hand at blockchain. Neither had any prior software development experience and most unusually of all for a tech start-up the company is still wholly owned by the founders – for the time-being at least as they have been approached by several VCs.

The problem

Construction is one of the least productive industries in the world. It lags other industries in the adoption of digital tools and processes. Construction and the wider built environment are significant sources of CO2 emissions. Health and safety performance when compared against other industries is not good to say the least. Mental wellbeing is another major challenge for the industry. The construction industry is also a significant employer and accounts for about 6% of UK GDP and 13% of the global GDP.


The solution

innDex is focused on the people who work on construction sites. The goal is to help project teams be more productive through automation and digitisation. Low levels of productivity lead to poor performance with respect to cost, programme, quality, environment, health, safety and wellbeing.

innDex is a cloud software platform used by everyone on the project. The integrated offering is quite broad and is expanding rapidly fed by user requests. Some of the most popular features on the platform right now include:

  • Digital implementation of HSEQ processes and procedures on sites
  • App based project specific inductions, e-learning and a training matrix platform for the more efficient management of human resources on site
  • A Clerk of Work feature for streamlining quality inspections and reports
  • Fatigue management

In the last few months, innDex has also built out a network of partner organisations for the supply and installation of hardware devices on construction sites. These tools include facial recognition access control, automated temperature checks and time lapse cameras. The data from all these devices feeds into the innDex platform. This integrated approach creates economies of scale, efficiencies and simpler procurement processes for their clients.

innDex is growing rapidly. This evidenced in the growing roster of customers including the likes of ISG, Volker Fitzpatrick, Morgan Sindall, PodTrak amongst many others. innDex has a straight-forward approach to new business.

  • Start with one project with a new customer
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the platform and the collaborative behaviours of the innDex team to the project team
  • Agree a business case for the roll out of the platform across multiple projects and a road map of feature requests
  • Organise monthly meetings with all customers to gather feedback.

Because of the broad nature of the platform the benefits are wide ranging. Some simple examples include;

  • Elimination of paper, quicker and more effective site inductions
  • Automated booking of training courses and notification of the expiration of certificate of competency
  • Significant reduction in admin for site teams thereby enabling project teams to better manage their projects.
  • Significantly improved adherence to compliance requirements
  • A project dashboard that makes sense of the data

As one director from a main contractor client explained, “using innDex I can stop recruiting graduate engineers to sit in the office doing paperwork. I can put them to work out on site, so they can push the job along and better engage with the workforce.”

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Fantastic to finally see sites being digitised!

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