Gooee deal brings IoT to 5,000 buildings

IoT specialist Gooee has signed up engineering firm Croonwolter + Dros to connect more than 5,000 buildings it manages in the Netherlands.

Gooee will replace existing systems with its smart building operating system to optimise performance.Croonwolter + Dros said it will use Gooee as a main solution provider, rolling it out across its portfolio in combination with front-end solution Office App. The firm expects this technology to improve visibility and efficiencies.

Confirmation of the contract comes after a 21-building trial earlier this year.

IoT sensors will be used to monitor lighting, energy, heating, ventilation and more. Bas Ambachtsheer, president of Croonwolter + Dros, said: “This is a major milestone in smart real estate. If people thought buildings were smart now, they are in for a shock.

“A system like Gooee, which integrates into our total proposition of ‘getting-a-grip’ on a building, will become a standard. CW&D is adding additional intelligent software connecting to a standardised maintenance and asset management set-up.”

Founded in 2014 and based in London, Gooee has developed a platform for integrating and managing critical building systems with the aim of optimising business performance.

The sensors are housed in ceiling lights.

Gooee claims that the benefits of its technology include reduced energy, maintenance and licensing costs, as well as increased operational efficiency and enhanced end-user experiences. It offers a subscription-based model that reduces upfront investment and aligns with short pay payback periods for landlords, managers and tenants. According to the firm, just 10% saving on energy alone would save Croonwolter €120M in costs over the 10 Year agreement.

Gooee works with IoT partners such as Aurora Lighting, Dell, Tridium, Nordic Semiconductor, Vodafone, Feilo Sylvania, Interlight & Humble Buildings.

Neil Salt, managing director & co-founder of Gooee, said: “The most critical element in a car is its software. Today, companies like Tesla can improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle with remotely managed software.

“This is what Gooee can do for buildings systems that aren’t integrated and were originally designed for function vs. efficiency.

“Our investment in technology and IP across wireless communications, lighting, sensing and cloud-based applications have now made this a reality at scale and Gooee is at the forefront of this innovation.”

As well as bi-directional control of critical systems, Gooee’s platform also offers environmental and behavioural analytics and a bluetooth sensing network.

Andrew Johnson, CEO and founder of Gooee, added: “Creating the first globally scalable, open IoT platform for smart buildings has taken five years of engineering and investment.

“Our vision was to create value for all building stakeholders with the largest aggregated dataset, driving actionable insights.

“Croonwolter + Dros is the perfect launch partner in the Netherlands with an aligned vision that an operating system for buildings is the future of infrastructure and asset management, all managed from the cloud in a ‘single pane view’.”

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