Globalworth Spektrum Tower Warsaw

Globalworth installs LiFi in Warsaw office

Globalworth, an office-focused developer in Poland and Romania, has installed LiFi in its offices in Spektrum Tower, Warsaw.

The firm has worked with Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, to improve the use of the office buildings managed by the company.

Lightwave wireless communication technology, known as LiFi or ‘light fidelity’, is similar to WiFi. The difference between the two is that while WiFi transmits data through radio waves, LiFi uses light transmitted through LEDs. This gives the user wider bandwidth, higher transmission speeds, and can be used in areas with electromagnetic interference like airplanes and hospitals.

Trulifi 6002, the LiFi Signify developed, is now in three conference rooms in Globalworth’s offices. Users don’t have to remove and replace existing lighting structures as the wireless transmitter receivers are built into Philips branded lights. Trulifi devices use infrared radiation to support wireless connectivity up to 150mb per second, even when the lights are off. A USB receiver connected to a laptop is needed to connect to the LiFi signal.

Trulifi Lifi USB Access Key

Trulifi Lifi USB Access Key

Radosław Buczkowski, head of Signify’s design department, said that LiFi is the next step in connectivity. “While radio frequencies are becoming more and more congested, the light spectrum is an untapped resource with large bandwidth.”

Trulifi comes alongside the installation of Human Centric Lighting into Globalworth’s office space. HCL is a lighting system that adapts to the rhythm of the human biological clock and responds to changing times of the day and atmospheric conditions.

Grzegorz Strutyński, Commercial Director at Globalworth Poland said: “At Globalworth, we recognize the changes taking place in the real estate market. We know that it is worth becoming an important part of the digital transformation of our sector. It’s a vital part of our strategy. […] We started cooperation with Signify on the first implementation of Trulifi technology in the CEE region. It offers not only the fast and secure Internet connection but also a high level of data security.”

LiFi has gained further traction in recent years, with O2 piloting LED light bulbs with 5G connectivity last year in its Slough HQ. Companies like pureLiFi have deployed LiFi systems in hospitals, military bases, and offices around the world.

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