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Giraffe360 upgrades camera model to modernise property viewing

Giraffe360, a hi-res photography service for showcasing property, is using recent funding towards a full upgrade of their camera service.

The startup will be launching a new camera model with more unique functions, a faster data processing system and higher content output, including a new virtual tour format.

The Giraffe360 service does the job of a photographer, and much more, with floor plans automatically generated, instant cloud uploading, content management system and 360-degree high resolution imagery, through a single push of a button on a specially developed camera.

Mikus Opelts, CEO of Giraffe360, explained why this is of value for real estate companies: “The world has changed in the past 20 years, but the fundamental way we view the property hasn’t. The process is broken for the modern world and needs an incremental change.

“Buyers are becoming more tech savvy and want to view property remotely, vendors want to gain the highest possible value for their property and access a wide range of buyers, and estate agents need to satisfy both sides of the transaction to stay on top of the game.

“Giraffe360 photography technology is developing to solve each of these challenges cost effectively, efficiently and with premium quality.”

The startup has photographed over 2000 properties with clients spanning the UK and seven other European countries, including estate agents such as Hunters, John Taylors, RE/MAX, Moving City, Rent London and HubbleHQ.

Giraffe360 Camera

Giraffe360’s current model which does the job of a photographer, through a push of a button on a specially developed camera

Giraffe360 secured £1m in funding led by Change Ventures. Andris Berzins, managing partner at Change Ventures said, “in a world of diminishing physical contact and rising online and e-commerce activity, consumers are demanding a better visual experience – and they’ve a right to.

“The property industry is experiencing unprecedented developments and agents who listen to consumer demands for a tech-led home-selling strategy are already seeing the benefits.”

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, the start-up has also moved its headquarters from Latvia to London as it believes that it’s still the best place in Europe to run a tech business.

Opelts said he “believes in Great Britain” and London “will remain a well-connected and diverse global city” with a “supportive business ecosystem and competitive market”.

The growing UK proptech scene is an important reason behind the upheaval of Giraffe360’s HQ. Opelts said “real estate business in the UK is opening its doors for much needed innovation”, and the proptech community is “vibrant” and  “leading the way in shifting what is essentially the world’s largest asset class and last industry not yet disrupted by technology”.

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