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Geospatial glossary takes you from A to Z of new terms

Do you know your bathymetry from your cadastral parcel, your raster from your vector? The UK Geospatial Commission has produced a glossary to define the common terms found when using geographic information tools.

The main purpose for the glossary is to help those new to geospatial data understand the terms used, as well as to provide anyone involved in the industry with a set of common definitions in one place.

Geospatial Glossary

Geospatial glossary 

The guide to terms is the latest in a long series of work commissioned by the Cabinet Office and its agencies to help the UK become a leader in property data reporting and analysis.

Next week, bids close for a £2.9m piece of work to create d-NAR, the digital National Asset Register. The winning bidder will design, build and operate a cloud-based cross-public sector property information solution that:

  • Automates data collection from designated government databases and 3rd party sources
  • Uses this data to create dashboards, reports and analytics using Business Intelligence and Geospatial tools

The Cabinet Office said that its target is that by 2021 nearly all UK strategic asset information, such as land, building and associated data-sets, for government and public sector bodies will be available to the Cabinet Office, offering a single and trusted perspective across a significant portfolio.

Other initiatives include Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry’s successful Geovation incubator programme, which supports startups in the field of geospatial, or GIS, geographic information systems.

Geovation startups have produced roadside digital utliity maps to show what’s under your feet before your dig and mapping tools for housebuyers to help make better informed choices.

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