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Fabriq | Using IoT data for smarter buildings

Building managers are being told that Internet of Things devices are the future, but what can they do to fully utilise the data this technology collects? Benjamin Kott, founder of Fabriq, explains how his data platform identifies and assesses savings and optimisation opportunities for buildings.

Name of product |  Fabriq OS

Price | From £75 per month – free trial available

Target | Building and facilities managers, and energy and sustainability managers

Challenge | We started off in 2011 as EnergyDeck, with the mission to help building managers and owners gain insights into making buildings more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. Over the years, the company’s mission became more ambitious, and EnergyDeck was rebranded as Fabriq in 2018 with the aim to not only help make buildings more energy efficient and sustainable, but also smarter, healthier, and more productive.

Fabriq Projects

Solution | Fabriq OS is a software-as-a-service platform and data repository designed to track every aspect of a building’s operations and performance. By being compatible with meters, sensors, IoT technologies, as well as a multitude of data sources, the platform provides users with a single online futureproof system that can be used to holistically and effectively monitor and gain insights into the performance of buildings.

With relevant data points centralised and organised by Fabriq OS, users can effectively benchmark buildings to identify and assess savings and optimisation opportunities, visualise and proactively manage the performance of buildings via the platform’s analytics and monitoring tools, and have on-demand access to a comprehensive data set that can be used to enable new and ‘smart’ services and applications for operating buildings.

Results | Today, our clients and partners are finding significant value in the Fabriq OS platform, which is extendable to cover a wide range of applications for monitoring and optimising the use of buildings. We are also working closely with customers and partners across sectors to understand how the performance of buildings can be more effectively and practically monitored, so that we can continue to enhance the Fabriq OS platform to meet current as well as future needs.

The Fabriq team are actively engaged with partners in the smart-building technologies and IoT spaces to further improve the Fabriq OS platform such that it can continue to develop as a centralised and open repository of building-performance data from virtually any source.

Looking ahead, the Fabriq team will continue to draw on its experience helping buildings become more efficient and introduce new capabilities on the Fabriq OS platform with the aim to make buildings smarter and easier to optimise.

Fabriq Benchmarks

Clients | We have worked with Heathrow Airport on an in-depth efficiency analysis of Terminal 5, where we applied data-science techniques to identify inefficiencies and successfully supported Heathrow in the effort to engage key suppliers of the airport’s sustainability-management programme.

At DAC Beachcroft, a client since 2013, Fabriq OS proved to be a tremendous time saver particularly when the Legal Sustainability Alliance conducted an ESOS Phase 1 audit of DAC Beachcroft and is continuously being used by the team to actively manage the energy efficiency of DAC Beachcroft’s premises.

We also partnered with First Business Water earlier this year to introduce ‘WaterDeck’, which is being used to help organisations across sectors become more water efficient.

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