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Edge sets sustainability example with latest office project

The smart developer has delivered an office building for Triodos Bank in the Netherlands engineered to be sustainable inside and out with the latest circular construction principles designed throughout.

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This is a taster of what we can hopefully expect in the UK when Edge starts construction on 60 St Thomas Street, on London’s South Bank, which it acquired for £50m. Predicted to be completed in four to five-years, Edge aims to build an optimised office environment and a workspace fit for the future.

The 135,000 sq ft office in the Driebergen-Zeist, Netherlands was built with the intention to harmonise with the surrounding fauna and flora, on a construction level and beyond. The project, which will receive a BREEAM outstanding certification, also has a positive impact on the Nature Network in the Netherlands which is designed to link nature areas more effectively with each other, and with surrounding farmland.

Constantijn Berning, executive development director at Edge, said: “With the delivery of this special project, an international example has been set in the field of sustainability. The project is so special because it not only pushes boundaries in terms of sustainability and circularity, but also as part of an integrated area development has led to a major sustainable impulse for the entire Driebergen-Zeist station area.”


Building heights have been adjusted to remain below the treeline in order for bat flight routes to be respected, and a special light plan was developed to prevent disorientation and to protect fauna. There are also drinking pools for deer and amphibians, and sand heaps for badgers.

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The energy-neutral building consists of sustainable materials and a modular demountable, wood-hybrid construction. The entire office can be rebuilt at a different location without creating any waste flows. The green roofs catch the rain water which is then used in the building for flushing toilets and irrigating the estate, thereby the office becomes part of the local water cycle.

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The project includes a BIM-based Material Passport, which provides a record of all the materials used within the building, which stimulates re-use at the end of their first life.

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The extensive use of renewable energy, reflected in over 3,000m2 of solar panels, as well as heat and cold storage, contributes to the energy neutrality of the building. The project encompasses ‘smart charging’ electric cars from solar energy and ‘Vehicle2grid’ technology. Vehicle2grid means that the cars cannot only be charged with solar energy but also discharged, which is called bi-directional charging. The cars become an active part of a ‘smart net’, which includes such benefits as being able to store solar energy. The green roofs on the office have an insulating and cooling effect and are also insect-friendly.

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Edge Technologies is part of Dutch developer OVG Real Estate. The opening of its HQ, The Edge, in Amsterdam in 2014 caused a stir in the market as the building was considered to be the most sustainable and smart building in the world

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