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Disruptive Technologies presents new wireless sensor at CES

The Norwegian creator of the world’s smallest commercial-grade wireless sensors, used in warehouses, hospitals and factories to monitor conditions, this week showcases its second-generation temperature sensor and logger, at the global Consumer Electronics Show.

The new temperature sensor, available commercially in June, is setting a new standard for both energy-efficient and sustainable temperature measurements at Disruptive Technologies. Thanks to its logging capabilities, the sensor is capable of delivering more than 15 million data points, a 30X increase from the previous generation temperature sensor, while achieving the same 15-year battery life.

This sensor is ideal for water pipe monitoring (ensuring legionella compliance & water safety), electrical motor and pump monitoring (detecting more faults thanks to more data points), cold storage (monitoring food, beverage, and medicine in restaurants, retail, hospitals, and pharmacies), and desk occupancy (making usage peak detection more accurate).

Full visibility into the temperature of these assets can quickly optimize energy use and make buildings more efficient and sustainable.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be releasing the newest iteration of our temperature sensor at CES 2021”, said Bengt Lundberg, CEO at Disruptive Technologies. “We have a track record of providing pioneering solutions that tangibly improve the efficiency and sustainability of workplaces, buildings, and cold storage. We are proud to be among the first to demonstrate what can be expected from the newest advancements in IoT sensors.”

The novel second-generation temperature sensor is as tiny as a stamp (19x19x2.5mm), weighs just 2 grams, is wireless, and sticks to almost anything with its adhesive backing. The wireless sensor offers superior performance, ease-of-use, features, and battery life at the smallest possible size on the market today.

The new temperature sensor has three distinct software configurable modes:

  • Sampling – the sensor will measure the temperature and transmit the value to the cloud at a fixed interval
  • Logging – the sensor measures temperature at a user-configurable interval down to 30 seconds, stores the data on-device, and transmits a collection of data points to the cloud at a fixed interval
  • Triggering – the sensor will only send a message once the temperature reading has exceeded or gone below a user-configurable temperature limit.

Temperature sensors in the market are often bulky, complex to install, expensive, and inaccurate. The second-generation Temperature Sensor offers superior performance, ease-of-use, features, and battery life at the smallest possible size. No sensor compares to the value-per-insight this DT sensor brings to customers and the IoT market.

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