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Deetu’s interactive MIPIM map ready to explore

MIPIM’s technology partner Deetu has released its interactive 2019 delegate map online, ahead of the event that draws more than 26,000 delegates from around the globe to Cannes.

The map tracks those companies registered for the event, providing information about businesses and where they are based. There are currently over 2,000 companies registered, with the number increasing weekly by several hundred. Deetu expects over 10,000 companies from across the world to be plotted by the time of the event in March.

The location of all registered companies is available publicly on MIPIM’s website. Registered delegates will also be able to view details of the individuals attending the event.

The map for the MIPIM event is based on Deetu’s Explore platform. The idea for the interactive product came as Deetu staff wanted to discover the geography of those attending the event in preparation for their own visit.

Deetu associate Josh Dickerson told PlaceTech: “We wanted to understand which companies were coming from where so we could make the most of our limited time at the event by targeting the right people. We demonstrated this to the team at Reed MIDEM who instantly saw the value for those both at the event but also as a tool for potential delegates to build a business case for attending the event as they can quickly see the scale of the event and its global reach, and if their clients or competitors are going.

“Explore is all about using the huge advances in digital technology to put opportunities into people’s hands and connect them. We think that’s massively important at an event like MIPIM, where cities and developers are vying for attention at the world’s leading property market. All you need to access it is your phone and the MIPIM website. That’s it.”

The map will be available online until after the MIPIM 2019 event and will also be on interactive devices throughout the event for delegates to use.

Solène Genton, marketing and communication director at MIPIM Markets, said: “With this being our 30th year and with over 26,000 attendees we really want to focus on providing the best experience possible for our delegates.”

“The success of MIPIM events is in bringing together and connecting property professionals from across the world. By partnering with Deetu we have been able to visualise the global reach of the MIPIM event and enhance our delegates experience by helping them make connections in the regions and markets they are interested in quicker and easier.”

“MIPIM champions advancements in the proptech industry and we wanted to highlight this as part our offering to delegates. The global delegate map that Deetu have produced has surpassed our expectations.”

Explore the interactive map here

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