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DEALS | AI building security gets human touch

Security systems that understand human behaviour remove both hours of manual work and false alarms, startup has said after raising $52m.

Seeking to replace reactive, manual security, processes and analyses video feeds at scale to automatically find incidents that need a response – such as falls and other medical issues, perimeter breaches or weapon detection.

What sets it apart, according to co-founder and CEO Shikhar Shrestha, is the platform’s ability to understand human context.

By identifying and responding to unexpected changes to human behaviour, claims to cut false alarms by 99%.

Shrestha said: “To date, video analytics solutions detect motion and identify objects but fail to improve security operations because they cannot understand the context of human behaviours in a scene, severely limiting the capabilities of these analytics to generate situational awareness.”

The company raised $52m in venture funding led by Silicon Valley VC firm a16z.

Recent proptech deals

Name | Tabas

Sector | Residential

What it does | Tabas has a network of apartments across Latin America available for flexible rent starting at one month.

Deal details | Blueground, a flexible accommodation startup that recently raised $180m, led a $14m investment round in Tabas.

Reason for investment | Buoyed by its own recent investment, Blueground has seen an opportunity to take the short-term rental model beyond its presence across Europe, the US and the Middle East.

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Name | Exotec

Sector | Industrial robotics

What it does | Exotec automates warehouses with its robots. These include the Skypod, which can reach a height of 36 feet, and the Skypicker, an articulated arm that can prepare four orders at a time.

Deal details | Led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, the Series D funding round raised $335m, valuing Exotec at $2bn.

Reason for investment | The pandemic has stifled supply chains around the world, leading to global delays and port congestion partly due to labour shortages.

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The Defigo IntercomName | Defigo

Sector | Access security

What it does | Defigo is “access control as a service” – software that connects to existing lock and access control systems, allowing users to control their security systems remotely without replacing them.

Deal details | The company raised $4.4m from Norwegian investors OPF pension fund, MP pension fund, an undisclosed family office, VC firm Idekapital, PKH pension fund and real estate investor Nunchi.

Reason for investment | Investors backed the company because of the potential they saw around sustainability and efficiency. Defigo removes the need for landlords to replace access control systems that work but might otherwise be outdated.

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 Name | HappyCo

Sector | Residential

What it does | Used by Cushman & Wakefield and AMC, HappyCo collects real-time rental property condition data, used for underwriting investments.

Deal details | The latest funding round raised $52m, led by Camber Creek, The BAM Companies, Berger Rental Communities, Bonaventure, CA Ventures, Continental Realty Corporation, Embrey Partners, Klein Enterprises, Koman Group, Mark-Taylor, Masco Ventures, Pier 88, Standard Communities, Strata Equity Group, Vesta Ventures, and Wermers Companies.

Reason for investment | HappyCo promises cost-effective due diligence, while providing data to increase occupancy, improve oversight and increase margins, the company said.

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