CREtech VIDEO | Germany’s market-leading real estate software hits the UK market

Sebastian Schuon, founder of Alasco, joins Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to talk about how Alasco is digitising processes to maximise ROI and integrate ESG.

Alasco is a cloud-based financial and sustainability management platform that’s bringing the property sector up to speed. With industry frontrunners like Hines, SORAVIA and Garbe already using the software to manage over $30bn worth of projects – this video explains what you need to know.

Founded in 2019, Alasco’s innovative software connects all of a project’s stakeholders and data points in one place. Backed by top investors and with $40m in series B funding, Alasco aims to maximise the success of real estate projects, minimise their ecological footprint and bring together all sources of financial and ESG information. This includes budgets, actual costs, revenue and sustainability criteria – made easy to manage with cutting-edge technology that automates and assists with decision-making. Giving property developers and project managers the power to manage every key to a project’s success in one solution.


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