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COURSE OFFER | Applying Data Science & Machine Learning to Real Estate

A dedicated business course teaching applications of data science to real estate professionals is due to be held during the summer.

The PropertyQuants course is a Masters level business programme. Instructors are PhD data scientists with decades of experience in quantitative investing and have taught a version of this at a leading business school in Q1 2020.

This online course features in-depth live hands-on classes. The duration of the course is up to 11 weeks depending on the modules taken. The overall start date for this run is 27 June, with different segments starting on 18 July and 8 August.

What you will learn:

  • Data Science Fundamentals (applicable to all industries) including Python, Pandas, and Scikit-Learn;
  • Data Science Methods for Real Estate, including index construction, automated valuation, cluster analysis, and time series forecasting (ARIMA, VAR, and VECM);
  • The ability to utilise large datasets to determine fair transaction prices and forecast future returns;
  • Geographic Information Systems (software for spatial location analysis and visualization).

You will complete an individual capstone project where participants can work on a dataset that is relevant to them. Optional 1-on-1 sessions and graded assignments are included. Participants to date have come from across real estate industry, investing, appraisals, proptech, and data science.

This course is relevant for:

  • Anyone involved in real estate research aiming to use data and machine learning to produce game-changing insights and unlock the value of large datasets;
  • Those looking to get into the rapidly growing proptech industry;
  • Investors who want to use data-driven approaches to find exceptional opportunities and beat the market.

Learn more about the course, the instructors, and PropertyQuants on their webpage.

PlaceTech readers can enter PLACETECH10 in the ‘Notes’ section when registering at to get 10% off the course price.  

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