AY signs with Bright Spaces for 3D office plans

Avison Young Romania has adopted the latest product from office leasing tool Bright Spaces, a rising star of real estate tech investor Pi Labs.

Bright Spaces is one of the latest tech tools leading a new way of planning and leasing office spaces. Leasing agents using the software offer tenants the ability to try different office space designs by transforming standard 2D test-fits into interactive 3D models.

Custom 3D Office Space Planning helps speed up the decision-making process for future tenants, who can see important details of the building or the office area proposed for rent. Studies show that over 85% of potential tenants want to see a space virtually before visiting it in person, which emphasises the need for such a product.

Based on the requirements received by the consultants, from the future tenant, the Bright Spaces team generates in a short time a 3D space plan, available online and which can then be shared via a simple link, on any device.

Avison Young Romania is the first company to use this solution. Dedicated to helping their partners get the best results, the Avison Young team will now offer a much more intuitive and clear space planning method. This will allow tenants to make a better-informed and faster decision.

Andrei Voica, head of workplace advisory and project management at Avison Young Romania, said: “We are talking about improving and digitising an extremely important step in our clients’ relocation or renegotiation decisions. Especially at this time, when organisations need specialised advice and an innovative approach in order to answer their questions regarding the return to office strategy and the redesign of the work-environment, closely correlated with real estate decisions.

“In the near future, there will be an increased emphasis on creating a highly adaptable work environment and combining new work archetypes. And the new Bright Spaces product offers a digital solution that will help visualise various design scenarios for the future office space of our clients, in 3D and online, revolutionising an aging process.”

The new Bright Spaces product is structured as a monthly subscription based on the needs of its customers.

Bogdan Nicoara, CEO and co-founder of Bright Spaces, said: “With the pandemic, many more people in the tenant company are involved in choosing a new office – from C-level managers and real estate specialists, to employees from different departments who want to come to the office, probably in a hybrid way. It is important to make it easy for everyone to see, virtually, the spaces they are considering, in 3D.

“We are now adding to the portfolio a product that’s very necessary in the context in which we are becoming more and more accustomed to using technology in everything we do. Digitisation is happening now and we are honoured to announce our partnership with Avison Young with this product.”

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