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Blockchain has been one of the poster boys of disruptive technologies, hogging all of the attention, along with Bitcoin, self-driving cars and various AI concepts.

But while these technological developments dazzle the mind and draw the eye, other industries like property management and building consultancy have been quietly progressing in leaps and bounds developing their own technologies.

These sectors may not be as flashy, and may be further away from the public eye, but their progress is making a big impact all the same. Advances in processing various administrative tasks have probably been the most noticeable changes, but tech is only growing as a disruptive force in the property industry.

Workman, the largest, independent commercial property management and building consultancy in the UK, has been pushing technological advances that can improve the efficiency of our service and the quality of our offering to landlords and clients.

Our most recent efforts have been focussed on developing a tailor-made tenant portal platform to provide a communications hub for its on-site and off-site property management teams as well as its occupiers. This hub will be able to foster the support, user-experience and communications networks necessary for effective placemaking and creating a community atmosphere which is so essential to modern-day occupiers.

On the property management side, we have also developed a client portal to our database, offering an enhanced reporting interface to clients, and an app-based solution for remote and on-site reporting.

Workman is also developing and testing other automated solutions for lease data extraction as well as ways to facilitate the cashiering of tenant payments.

These functions don’t grab headlines, and they don’t interest the average person, but within the industry they could be huge assets in terms of maximising efficiencies. We are dedicated to the development of these assets, committing an annual seven-figure technology operating budget to their advancement.

  • Piers Chapman is partner at Workman

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