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Tools for transformation: empowering small businesses in a digital world

Access to high quality, reliable internet connections has become one of the primary concerns for small businesses in the UK. An increasingly agile, fast paced digital marketplace means that organisations simply cannot afford to be held back by a poor connection that impacts customer experience, or prevents access to business critical tools and applications.

There’s little doubt that small businesses are vital to the continued growth of the UK’s economy. They contributed £1.9 trillion of private sector turnover in 2017 which, when viewed through the lens of the government’s extensive plan to overhaul the country’s digital infrastructure, means that small businesses are almost certain to have a massive impact on the future success of the UK’s move towards a digitally driven economy.

Unsurprisingly then, a key part of future digital infrastructure will be ensuring powerful, reliable internet connections are readily available for small business. This is the goal of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which gives small businesses a chance to claim up to £3,000 back against the cost of a gigabit connection, making the first step to digital transformation as accessible as possible. The increased bandwidth, stability and capacity of this type of connection gives small businesses the means to access new tools and technology and above all, the chance to achieve their potential in the digital sphere.

To find out more about the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, click here.

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