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Digitising property management to create cost efficiencies

The introduction of proptech solutions creates new opportunities to drive down operational costs within the built environment. The key to creating efficiencies is that by automating the property management processes, service levels can be maintained from slimmed-down operations management processes.

‘Data is the new oil’ is a phrase which is becoming increasingly common within our industry. The introduction of digital solutions also enables the capture of valuable data and insights, upon which informed decisions can be made.

Regardless of the current pandemic and impending recession, property management was already moving away from its traditional processes and embracing digital solutions, spurred on by the continued pressure to reduce service costs, the pandemic has only accelerated the rate at which technology is being adopted.

With a platform like Mallcomm, you can create efficiencies and deliver savings across all asset management departments by enabling property teams to manage their businesses in a smarter way.

You can arm youself with the tools required to gather invaluable data and insights in a variety of ways:

  • Digital sales collection processes to gather occupier sales
  • Surveys to obtain occupier and/or customer sentiment
  • Implement and monitor workflows using automated maintenance and cleaning requests
  • Optimise and monitor team performance by using digital checklists

This kind of platform not only decreases the time required to complete tasks, but the data and insight provided allows property management to make faster, more informed decisions. This contributes to the growth and success of a location, while allowing key staff to focus their time and energy on other key decisions and ‘blue-sky thinking’.

By utilising the functionality on offer, property managers can expect Mallcomm to deliver savings of approximately 10% on occupation costs, depending on the size of the property and the ability or desire to digitise procedures. It also drives sales revenue for tenants in retail properties through staff and customer loyalty.

What improvements can you expect?

A Mallcomm survey with our clients produced the following statistics:

  • +53% improvement in occupier engagement
  • Savings across all areas of property management
  • 37% of savings recorded as a result of streamlining and tracking operations
  • 35% of savings recorded in the marketing department
  • 28% of savings generated by digitising ad-hoc occupier engagement procedures

What do clients save on average?

  • Small centre – total savings of £90,000/€100,325
  • Medium centre – total savings of £150,000/€167,200
  • Large centre – total savings of £275,000/€306,550

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Cost Eff Multi Device Slim

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