11 Slovakian proptech initiatives for the Covid age

Here are 11 Slovakian firms that are adapting their solutions to the fight against Covid-19.


The producers of this Augmented Reality application for architects, engineers and construction have come up with two initiatives that are available globally during the crisis:

  • Virtual walk-throughs in video calls: free support for developers and leasing managers who have unoccupied empty spaces and cannot host site visits. They can now join site visits remotely during their calls with Augmented Reality
  • Free support on construction sites: AKULAR made its premium service free, including support for field staff by dialling in to their calls and helping to geo-locate real size 3D models for remote visual inspections

Contact: marketing@akular.com


Developers and leasing managers can take virtual tours of their sites with AKULAR


The team behind this scalable asset management platform have developed additional functionalities that can be integrated:

  • Secure and automated measurement of temperature of everyone moving through foyers and receptions of business centres and other buildings, with supporting navigation and alarm functions
  • Digitisation of supply and stock management systems in hospitals and other exposed buildings for safe distribution of healthcare and other working equipment (manual tools, masks, gloves, etc) to avoid congestion, physical contact and lack of critical supplies

Contact: info@ausemio.com

Biotron Labs

To help cities attract people to use public transport again and decrease traffic congestion, Biotron Labs is offering a 50% discount on its location intelligence and mobility analysis workshop until the end of June. They also offer consultation and support to better understand the movement patterns and how they change over time. Biotron actively participated and provided mentorship during the Hack-The-Crises hackathon.

Contact: Pavol Magic, CEO pavol.magic@biotron.io

Biotron CEO Pavol Magic

Pavol Magic’s Biotron Labs solution helps cities make it safer for people to use public transport


This 3D modelling and digital twin platform has seen increased interest in functionalities that enable indoor positioning and monitoring movement of people and their meeting activities. The firm provides its services without the need for physical meetings with customers and provides 20-25% discounts during the crises.

Contact: michal.malik@infotech.sk

Infotech Solution Digital Twin In Mobile

Facility monitoring requires less in person activity onsite with the use of Infotech digital twins


Provider of biometric solutions based on fingerprints and face recognition, Innovatrics, has seen a huge increase in demand for its contactless technologies.

  • Innovatrics has tested its facial recognition algorithms with people wearing masks, and even in this set-up they have proved to work without a decrease in accuracy, security and comfort of users.
  • Its access control solution can now measure temperature of the visitors, check whether they are wearing masks and even identify them with their masks on.
  • Innovatrics started to enable remote installations of its solutions even in off-line areas with restricted high-security access. Solutions of Innovatrics can thus be mailed anywhere in the world and installed remotely via “Innovatrics Virtual Engineer”.
  • In a joint effort with global navigation player Sygic, Innovatrics has developed an app for smart quarantining at home. The app checks the presence of people at home based on the same technology that is used for the banks when they enrol new clients remotely and need to verify their identity reliably.

Contact: marketing@innovatrics.com


The provider of interior and exterior lighting for properties, cities and municipalities has developed a UVC system (Ultra Violet C) as a disinfection management system. They say the system is applicable in any administrative building and can be built in stationary lighting system and connected to sensors of presence, movement, CO2 levels and intensity of lighting.

Contact: info@uvcsystmens.sk


The team provides real-time management system mainly for retailers that was developed to assist with following the strict hygienic norms and regulations issued by the government during the epidemic. Thanks to a high-precision-rate sensors, the system is able to partially replace an employee’s physical presence and regulate the number of visitors entering the store. The tool oversees customer flow and notifies the store manager in case the occupancy limit of the store is reached. Pygmalios offered the software to state and municipalities for free.

Contact: info@pygmalios.com

Pygmalios Live Dashboard Laptop

Pygmalios technology helps prevent stores from overcrowding given rules on social distancing

SAMO Europe

The provider of advanced neuromarketing methods and proprietary solutions has developed a device called QEHeC – Quick Entry Health Check System. The QEHeC is managed by a smart unit, that can analyse factors of environment and its impact on body temperature, giving context to temperature readings. The system can measure emotions, age and sex, which can be done while measuring body temperature. Analysed data shows the ’emotional index’ of an area. The QEHeC has an automatically adjustable stander that adjusts its position according to height of each measured person. The device has a smart aromatization and disinfecting unit that starts emitting when it detects a person with a higher temperature.

Contact: info@samoeurope.com


Samo Europe Product



This global provider of smart waste management solutions, which can be found in more than 300 projects on 5 continents and 43 countries, has seen increased interest in smart waste management solutions. Cities, waste management companies and property managers look for solutions that could help them cope with the current challenges as standard waste production hotspots move to residential areas. Higher consumption of protective equipment and longer time at home has led to a 25% increase in waste production. Sensoneo has developed Waste Collection Efficiency Analysis to help cities and waste collection companies to cope with the worsening waste situation. The service evaluates efficiency of the current set-up, simulates and models impacts of eventual changes and suggests new collection routes and frequencies.

Contact: info@sensoneo.com

Sensoneo Solution



A Finnish-Slovak provider of customizable white-label platform for creating marketplaces in sustainability and smart cities, Solved has provided ready.help free of charge. The platform allows medical volunteers to be effectively connected for volunteering opportunities in hospitals and other medical institutions around the country. During the first week, 1400 volunteers started volunteering in more than 60 hospitals.

Contact: https://www.solved.fi/



This start-up, which provides a geospatial platform for real estate agencies across Europe, has offered its headline product City Performer, an information and indexing platform, for 3 months for free. After this, the firm offers a 50% discount in order to help customers cope with the negative impacts of the crisis.

Contact: info@there.digital

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