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DAC Beachcroft’s real estate practice is part of a wider international law firm, numbering 2,300 employees. The firm provides broad-based corporate and commercial legal services alongside market leading sector knowledge in insurance, healthcare and real estate.

For real estate, we provide a comprehensive range of advice at every stage of the development cycle, to UK and overseas organisations whose property assets are at the heart of their business.

With over 135 lawyers we have one of the UK’s largest dedicated real estate practice and one of the largest national networks. We operate from Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, London, Newcastle, Newport and Winchester.

Our breadth and depth means that our lawyers specialise in particular areas of the market:

  • Our destination and communities team delivers development advice and customised, complex volume asset management solutions in high profile destination centres, including the 3 largest in the country and on smaller community and high street schemes
  • The DAC Beachcroft residential team advises all 12 of the UK’s leading housebuilders and also to developers in specific areas – senior, student, BTR, care homes for example. We are active from inception to completion. Our strategic land team are some of the most experienced in the sector and advise on emerging garden villages for example. Our plot sales team works for several volume developers.
  • Our commercial investment and development team advises institutional, international and private investors
  • The integration of expert, in planning, construction, corporate finance and litigation for example, into the core transactional team is a particular point of difference that brings efficiency in communication and execution.

Add in our extensive knowledge of hotel and leisure developments and the team is exceptionally well placed to bring together all this expertise in support of the many mixed use projects emerging in response to economic, demographic, technological and social trends.


Try before you buy

If you are installing new technology in the property, before you sign on the dotted line do remember the concept of User Acceptance Testing, which is often overlooked.

Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan