Supercharging adoption of digital technology

Organiser: techUK
Location: Bright Building, Manchester Science Park

Focussing on the ways in which digital increasingly underpins Britain’s economy, 200 business leaders from industry will hear how the adoption and deployment of cutting edge digital technologies, products and services produced by the UK tech sector is, and can, enable every sector of the UK economy to become a digital sector.

Key themes include:

  • The importance of increased digitalisation and how the growing digital economy is helping to supercharge other parts of the economy
  • The application of technologies in productivity boosting areas such as transport infrastructure and how we can increase capacity, reliability and flexibility.
  • The prize for retailers in a digital age that increased adoption of digital technology – be that in increasing footfall, engagement and linger times in bricks and mortar stores as well as allowing for differentiation in the online space.
  • How a smarter approach to technological adoption and innovation can spur inward investment into the Greater Manchester region and the North.

techUK’s commitment to showcasing its work and the work of its members and partners nationwide means that we are delighted to bring Supercharging the Digital Economy conference to Manchester this Autumn.

Tickets are available now and can be booked through the techUK portal.

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Cost: £99 +VAT for members, £299 +VAT for non-members