GM Chamber Procurement Briefing: Importance of social value

Organiser: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Location: Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WD
Phone: 0161 393 4343

Are you ready for procurement changes?

Social value is fast becoming embedded in policy and procurement for multinational and local government. The social value act of 2012 paved the way for today’s procurement, policy and recruitment changes.

Corporate social responsibility has evolved from a policy driven directive into a model based upon the implementation of social value initiatives which are directly linked to commercial strategy. It is now an integral part of business. Social value supply chain is key to commercial growth and reducing our societal costs.

At this event our speakers will inform you of changes and we will enable you to have a pathway to embed sustainable business practices around social strategies into day-to-day operations.

By attending this free event, a GMCC partnership with Antz, we will aim to help you find out more about how:

  • Social value strategies align to commercial strategy
  • Enables our members to grow commercially
  • Impacts and change people’s lives locally
  • Reduces social costs locally
  • Engages and works with forgotten communities
  • Measured social value outcomes locally
  • Social value supply

Our services and training equips organisations with all you need to be part of “tomorrows world of business.”

A great networking event for any organisation that wants to do business differently.

Speakers will include:

  • Jen Gillies Pemberton, CEO and founder of Antz
  • Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
  • Manchester City Council
  • Peter Schofield, AGMA
  • Poverty Commission
  • Antz business members


  • Registration: 3pm
  • Close: 5pm

This event is free – click here to book online