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JLL creates charity to support climate startups

The global property adviser has established JLL Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to making a long-term impact on environmental sustainability.

Working with Good Machine, a venture studio specialising in climate impact, JLL Foundation takes a non-traditional approach to helping organisations that work to mitigate climate change with a focus on the built environment.

As an impact investor, the Foundation offers zero-interest recoverable loans and reinvests the returned funds. Additionally, recognising the need for speed in mitigating climate change impacts, it is building a network of like-minded co-investors to promote innovative solutions.

“The JLL Foundation’s aspiration to create a significant impact on climate-related issues over the next 10-20 years is well aligned with JLL’s purpose of shaping the future of real estate for a better world,” said Christian Ulbrich, JLL CEO. “As companies everywhere focus more on achieving their own sustainability goals, providing assistance to startups that can offer solutions to environmental challenges can make a real and long-term difference.”

Loanees are selected not only based on their ability to provide lasting, positive climate impact, but also on the diversity of their teams or ownership structure and ability to scale to other countries around the world. Examples of organisations that have already received funding from JLL Foundation include:

  • Based in Greece, Babylon Gardens creates retrofitted green roofs and walls from locally recycled plastic.
  • From outposts in Puerto Rico and Mexico, Carbonwave uses Sargassum seaweed to create products that can restore soils and oceans, eliminate micro-plastic waste and achieve carbon neutrality.
  • U.S.-based Re:Dish collects, sanitizes and returns reusable food service containers to replace single-use products and drive carbon and water efficiency.
  • Using technology designed for building on Mars, U.S.-based RedWorks provides a mobile 3D printer that produces building masonry onsite using sources of soil and sand.

For further information about JLL Foundation and these organisations, visit

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