Ellyn Shook Accenture

Building trust for success in the digital workplace


Emma Gordon

Workplaces are changing. Companies are using technology to understand how buildings are being used and how their employees work. As we interact with intelligent machines, we leave a growing trail of data that can help employers gain insight to improve...

Singapore City

BOOK NOW | Connected Future Cities next month

Hear from Uber, Arup, WSP and UrbanChain on the technologies revolutionising infrastructure in our cities, including 5G, energy storage, and transport innovations, at this special event in Manchester on 28 March.

Change approach to risk or fall behind, warns ICE


Emma Gordon

Companies who do not manage risk and innovation better face the prospect of becoming inherently uncompetitive. That’s the message from the Institution of Civil Engineers, in a recent short paper focused on the UK built environment sector.

Simon Hughes Liquid At Revo

Innovation and technology: friends or foes?

If technology is the answer, what is the question? This is something the real estate industry has started to ask, and is in danger of asking itself many more times over the next 10-15 years, writes Simon Hughes of Liquid Real Estate Innovation.