Chris Webb + Barry Varcoe GROUPED

LISTEN | Dissecting sustainable design and materials

Chris Webb, head of sustainability at tp bennett, and Barry Varcoe, global director, real estate & facilities at Open Society Foundations, joined PlaceTech editor Paul Unger to discuss sustainable design practices in this latest PlaceTech podcast episode.

Harri Majala

LISTEN | Harri Majala, GBuilder

Harri Majala, CEO and founder of GBuilder, a BIM-compatible collaboration platform for property developers and construction companies based in Finland, speaks to Paul Unger.

Michelle Buxton Toolbox Group

PODCAST | Michelle Buxton, Toolbox

Michelle Buxton CEO and founder of Toolbox Group, which has two products - Mallcomm and Toolbox Marketing - joins Paul Unger to takje the temperatire of digital transofrmation in real estate.