Harri Majala

LISTEN | Harri Majala, GBuilder

Harri Majala, CEO and founder of GBuilder, a BIM-compatible collaboration platform for property developers and construction companies based in Finland, speaks to Paul Unger.

Michelle Buxton Toolbox Group

PODCAST | Michelle Buxton, Toolbox

Michelle Buxton CEO and founder of Toolbox Group, which has two products - Mallcomm and Toolbox Marketing - joins Paul Unger to takje the temperatire of digital transofrmation in real estate.

Essensys 25th September 2019

PODCAST | James Shannon, essensys

James Shannon, chief product and technology officer at essensys, joins Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to discuss the launch of Flex Services Platform by essensys.

Mike Anderson And Andrew Saunderson

PODCAST | Padoq + Grainger on BTR

Mike Anderson, founder and CEO of Padoq and Andrew Saunderson, investment director at Grainger, join Paul Unger, editor of PlaceTech, to talk trends in the build-to-rent residential sector.

Mentorshiphub Podcast

PODCAST | MentorshipHub + diversity in tech

FUTURE: PropTech founder Gary Chimwa has launched a new venture, the Mentorshiphub, which aims to help founders across the tech landscape, and especially those from underrepresented groups in society, access business contacts and get a helping hand at the start of their journey.