James Dearsley

Dearsley enters proptech market with Unissu

Well-known proptech commentators James Dearsley and Eddie Holmes have raised £150,000 of pre-seed funding to develop an online database of companies in the property technology market. The new platform will be called Unissu and is due to launch in the autumn.


‘Defining moment’ as VTS launches lease benchmarking tool

In a major breakthrough for sharing data among the traditionally guarded property world, companies using VTS software will be able to choose to compare their performance against their peers - and the majority have opted in to the service which begins later this year.

Flying car startup begins public test flights


Nicola Byrne

In the race to take to skies, competitor to Uber’s Elevate, aeronautics startup Kitty Hawk has opened test flights with the public for it’s new, sleek flying vehicle the ‘Flyer’.