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Climate-proofing the future


Chloé Vaughan

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As dealing with extreme weather becomes the norm, we ask how will property adapt to cope with record temperatures and frequent flooding?

Lisbon Portugal Climate Risk

Moody’s buys climate risk data analyst

The rating agency has acquired a majority stake in Four Twenty Seven, a leading provider of data, intelligence, and analysis related to physical climate risks on real assets.

Andrea Mechelli

Urban Mind: Mental health in the city and beyond


Chloé Vaughan

Urban Mind is a research project that measures the effects of urban and rural environments on mental health, created by a team of lecturers and PhD students from King’s College London, landscape architects J & L Gibbons, and arts foundation Nomad Projects.

Softbank Dublin Smart City

How Big Tech has changed Dublin


Chloé Vaughan

In a recent article published by Politico, "Ireland is in the throes of a severe housing crisis. ... House prices, rents and homelessness have all hit record highs, even as tech giants and multinationals swell employment figures and GDP."

YFood Bruntwood Jody Hartley

Bruntwood unveils online customer community


Paul Unger

Bruntwood is expanding its community programme by launching an exclusive online platform which allows customers to collaborate and connect across buildings, cities and regions.