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Jargon buster | What is an API?

What does real estate have to know about APIs? Caspar Mølholt Kjellberg of startup Hococo shares a beginner's guide to why software in your building relies on them.

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Jargon buster | The edge vs the cloud

Any tech platform you come across will eventually talk about data either in the cloud or the edge. Chris Carson, CEO of smart traffic enforcement startup Hayden AI, breaks down the uses, benefits and risks of both.


Creating standout comms for your proptech business

JLL identified around 8,000 proptech firms now in existence globally, all involved in driving improvements in the real estate industry’s efficiency. How do you create standout in such a thriving and busy sector?

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5 ways to make the most of your data

Most companies collect data, but do they make effective use of it? Five experts in real estate data and analytics share their tips for giving meaning to the numbers.